January 24, 2022

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Aging rainy pattern, no front until next week …

Many of us look forward to our next cold front, which will require sweaters and jackets as it carries moisture. Unfortunately, I don’t see this happening until the top pattern changes. Right now, we have a trough over the Rocky Mountains that spins several upper disturbances keeping us on the wetter side.

That means we stay in the gorgy air with dew points until well into the 70s. A weak front may falter until late Monday and bring us some drier air for next week.

It’s hard to tell which day there will be more showers, and until no front passes, keep your rain gear on hand.

Clouds and showers have kept the temperature mostly from the 70s to the 80s, so it’s not like we’re facing the August heat. October seems to start with a warm note and the actual cooling won’t come until after the 15th.

The tropics remain an active outlet to the Atlantic, with Sam still a major cat. 4 and Victor left Africa. Fortunately, none of the models develop anything in the Gulf and the Caribbean over the next 10-14 days. We have two months left to finish the season, but remember that in November, the storms will head far to our east. Finally, a month ago yesterday, Hurricane felled my largest tree (over 40 years old) destroying my garden and crushing my fence. Today I come back whole again.

These are the images after the storm showing the damage. Here is my yard today.

Many thanks to Nick’s Lawn & Garden service with Lyndsay’s expert advice as I realize I have suffered less damage than my friends in my west. They will endure many months trying to regain the normalcy of their life and property. Stay there in the gang and stay strong. Stay tuned!

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