October 26, 2021

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Dems Exploit California, oil spill, obligation to ban all marine drilling

Democrats have taken advantage of the recent oil spill in California as an opportunity to renew calls for a total ban on offshore oil drilling, even though the oil-rich state already imports oil from elsewhere and the spill is smaller than the previous ones.

On Friday, oil began to seep from a submarine pipeline near a offshore oil rig south of Orange County, perhaps after contact with the anchorage of a ship. The beaches were closed and oil began to wash off the coast of Huntington Beach on Sunday.

An expert suggested that the ship may have anchored there due to ongoing backups at nearby cargo port facilities.

The 126,000-gallon spill threatens wildlife and local maritime activities and a major cleanup effort is underway.

But the Los Angeles Times notes that “the size is still much smaller than other catastrophic spills in the state and elsewhere.”

However, Democrats are calling for an end to all marine drilling. Local state senator Dave Min (D) said in a statement:

The Orange County oil spill once again illustrates that offshore oil drilling is bad business for Californians. The income and jobs created by offshore drilling are of minimal size compared to the negative economic impacts this generates. We need to end all offshore oil drilling along the California coast, including drilling with existing leases. I intend to introduce legislation that does just that.

Representative Mike Levin (D-CA) stated, “There is no marine drilling that is truly safe,” and noted that he had already introduced legislation in Congress to ban all marine drilling, which would put an end to a significant portion of the American production.

Gov. Gavin Newsom added in a press conference in Orange County on Tuesday: “[I]It is time we forever disillusioned that this should be part of our future. That is part of our past. “

Because the state has hindered oil production in California, including offshore production, California has imported much more of its oil.

Oil imports to California have tripled in the past twenty years, despite the proliferation of “green” policies imposed by the state.

Almost 60% of the state’s oil comes from foreign sources, which a Forbes The analyst recently called for a threat to national security for the United States as a whole.

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