May 22, 2022

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Glasgow in chaos at COP26 with strikes, room shortages

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COP26 starts this Sunday, so you might think the SNP-led council is now in the final stages of preparing Glasgow for a successful summit and showcasing the city’s best features. Not so.

Instead, here’s a summary of how weird things look when a few days are left …

This morning, railroad workers and city council have confirmed they will strike during the summit, and ScotRail has been on strike since the second day of the conference.

Unless ScotRail’s salary increase demands are met tomorrow, the travel infrastructure for thousands of COP attendees will be in total chaos. The binmen are also out, so the city streets will be littered with weeks of rubbish just when the delegates arrive.

If the railway strikes start, traveling by car will not be very useful either: the main roads arriving in Glasgow, including the Clydeside Expressway and parts of the M8, will be closed from this week, so those who have booked accommodation. in Edinburgh will face “serious problems” with Uber’s huge fares and travel times.

Speaking of accommodation …

Parliamentarians today have been warned of a “housing crisis” among attendees, with up to 3,000 people still without room reservations, and Emergency accommodation is now offered in gyms and community centers.

Despite being on the calendar for years, the government accommodation provider only managed to book “around a third” of hotel rooms in the Glasgow area.

There is also a lot of pressure on local hospitals. Outpatient appointments at the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have already been canceled as a result of the interruption of the trip, with some patients even transferred to other hospitals, all as a direct result of the COP.

An expected climate march of about 100,000 people has not helped either. This same hospital is also trying to find additional A&E staff to cover the demonstrations …

All this for a summit that will not even feature the leaders of some of the world’s largest broadcasters. No wonder Boris is “very worried.”

Fortunately, the leader of the Glasgow Council of the SNP put an end to fears by insisting that the city was ready … “with warnings”. This is the same person who yesterday blamed Margaret Thatcher for the Glasgow rat infestation …

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