December 8, 2021

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Head of Prime Minister Johnson’s COP26 ‘Raging’ over ‘Ramping Up’ climate hopes

Alok Sharma (in the picture) is furious with Boris Johnson for talking about the COP26 summit as a turning point for the planet, as stated today, amid the Cabinet fears the event will be a “wet splash”.

The COP26 president is said to be “enraged” at the prime minister for “raising” hopes of a major breakthrough in climate change in Glasgow when world leaders meet later this month.

Some ministers believe the government’s messages before the summit have been too bullish and are “completely out of control”.

The claims came after the summit suffered a major blow as Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed he was not attending the event.

Chinese Xi Jinping is also expected to miss the UN summit, raising fears that significant progress will be made in the fight against climate change.

Both countries will send delegations to participate in the negotiations, but the presence of national leaders is considered crucial to add momentum to the process.

Johnson has repeatedly hailed COP26 as an important moment and said in September that “this is the most important period I believe now in the history of the planet, because the COP simply has to be successful.”

But The Sun reported that Sharma is angry with Johnson for raising expectations.

A minister told the newspaper: “No one has correctly stated that this will not be an important moment in history when a new agreement is made, so it will feel like a wet cheat.

Alok is enraged. It is completely out of control.

The goal of the summit is to convince countries to agree to take steps to restrict global warming to just 1.5 degrees.

But the minister said the message of “keeping 1.5 alive” is “incomprehensible” and many people just don’t know what it means.

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