May 22, 2022

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Nicholas barely a tropical storm, rain bands separated from the center …

I remember that during my career it was the slow motion storms that really exhausted me. The threat of the hurricane lasted for days, and with Isaac stopping at the mouth of the river, I lost 6 pounds in three days. With a physical whip and emotional wear and tear, he needed more than a day or two to retrieve Nicholas who moved inland long before dawn, but only staggered slowly east of Galveston.

The future NHC track causes Nicholas to arrive in western Louisiana on a trail that only reaches Alexandria on Friday. This maintains the potential for heavy rainfall along the Gulf Coast from Los Angeles. a FL.

I’m not sure there are other 6-10 ”realistic ones, as the main rain bands around Nicholas have been blown (decoupled) to the east, away from the center of the surface.

You can see in the photo below all the brightest clouds moving away from the center (arrow) that still exists in Texas. The radar confirms that for most of us a drying trend is approaching that can last for many hours.

In Houston it has barely rained all day despite being so close to downtown. This drying trend is approaching NOLA.

Notice what the clouds and rains have done all day at temperatures. It’s an uncommon day in mid-September when we stay below 80. Unless some storms form around Nicholas, do I expect the models to be surpassing our threat of rain in the next two days?

There is a cold front in our north, but it has no support to push it much further south. Note that the dew points of the 40s and 50s have moved over the northern plains, where the air feels fantastic. The rest of this week we are stuck in the muggies.

Finally, NHC follows two areas that may have tropical potential. Fortunately it won’t be our problem either.

We will have many days to follow them. No model shows a threat in the Caribbean or the Gulf over the next 7-10 days. Stay tuned!

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