January 24, 2022

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Our royal greens: save the planet one helicopter trip at a time Marina Hyde

Jo understand why they come out, “but it’s not helpful to do it in a way that alienates people,” Prince Charles of Insulate Britain explained in an interview this week in which he also revealed, somewhat alienatingly, that had had…

Jo understand why they come out, “but it’s not helpful to do it in a way that alienates people,” Prince Charles of Insulate Britain explained in an interview this week in which he also revealed, somewhat alienatingly, that had had his Aston Martin become a “surplus of English white wine and whey from the cheese process”.

Finally, a line to eclipse Ed Begley Jr. from an old episode of The Simpsons, in which the actor explains that his favorite vehicle is “a go-kart, driven by my own sense of self-satisfaction.” A deeply committed environmental activist, Begley has always been able to eliminate the origin of himself – a hobby you believe has never been the top or even the bottom of Prince Charles ’to-do list. Or, in fact, from the to-do list of the many, many servants who do for him in his many, many residences.

Still, 16 days into Cop26, it seems to be Windsor House week to make useful climate interventions. In terms of really selfless good deeds, I am advocating that Prince Andrew commit to never flying back to America or, in fact, to any American jurisdiction. When you consider that the Duke of York once bewitched himself in New York just to see a paedo and tell him he couldn’t be a friend anymore (wow, we all did), you have an idea of ​​the style of significant life commitments that this family is prepared to make in the course of exploiting ordinary subjects in the face of Marie-Antoinettism. It is true that these explosions are not at all good for the cause, but you cannot have everything.

Anyway, we had Prince Charles ’interview on Monday, and then a valued assessment by Prince William on Thursday’s various multimillion-dollar space programs, and more on both shortly. The big news on Friday, however, is that the Queen was heard yesterday at the opening of the Welsh Parliament expressing her frustration at the pace of concrete action on climate change. According to Her Maj, who is still in the dark about what world leaders will be presenting at next month’s big conference in Glasgow, “it’s really irritating when they talk, but they don’t.”

Totally. The problem is that even when politicians get climate action in the statute book, there will always be people who believe that such rules do not apply. In other words, is this the same queen whose lawyers recently secretly pressured the Scottish government to change a bill to exempt their private estates from a major carbon reduction initiative? Yes. Yes, she is the queen herself. As a result, the Sovereign is the only landowner in all of Scotland who does not have to provide renewable energy pipelines to their various estates in the country. That it feels, from the hand of the heart, “really irritating.”

But let’s get back to Prince Charles, who never forgets an interviewer who has been hitting the ambient drum for a long time. As he set out in a self-contained segment in his interview: “Extinction Rebellion came and made a stay on my driveway to Highgrove when I was on tour … they left a letter saying …” At that time that you said so and so, you were right. Then you said something else, you were right. You were right, you were right. It was wonderful, so for me it was the right kind of demonstration. ” Well, quite. Unfortunately, he was unable to personally convey his approval to XR because he was in the Caribbean, in a year in which the carbon footprint related to the royal family’s travels doubled.

Unfortunately, justice itself is not a recessive gene in the somewhat limited HRH group, with both children feeling in a unique position to offer prescriptions of how we, that is, the others, could live better. Thus, Prince William could be found this week scolding the multimillion-dollar space race that currently occupies Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson. According to William, “we need some of the biggest brains and minds in the world set on trying to repair this planet, without trying to find the next place to go and live … [It] it’s really quite crucial to be focused on that [planet] instead of giving up and going out into space to try to think of future solutions ”.

If in fact, this is just what different individuals do. Of course, we can’t talk about the ridiculous Branson, though, since he was one of William and Kate’s wedding guests, he could presumably be attended to more directly by William. But there are several space experts who have been present since the latter’s interview to explain that Musk’s companies, in particular, offer hope for advancing climate savings, and suggest that the prince may be little read on the subject. As stated in this column before, I have a lot of sympathy for the criticism of the multitude of millennials using the space race, but perhaps both William and I should recognize it as an intellectual point, questioning the fact that something is happening to everyone alongside queries such as, “Why is there homelessness, however, some people have multiple palaces?”

Apart from these philosophical puzzles, Prince William had time to raise the “fundamental question” of the carbon cost of spaceflight. An interesting point and not limited to space flights. As it happens, I live very close to the London site from where many royal helicopters take off for the various weekend visits / trips to other estates, and in those days I often wonder if it would seem a little less like a Vietnam movie if there were fewer helicopters. considered essential. As one of the frontiersmen of these flights and unloaders of these flights, perhaps William could shed more light?

Again, perhaps nothing matters if your father has compensated by planting Prince George’s forest, as Charles has done on one or another of Scotland’s estates. Of course, much nicer than a horrified renewable energy pipeline and presumably a scalable solution for all Scottish citizens.

As for the things Charles and other family members might be contemplating as they walked through this private arboretum, are suggestions allowed? If so, and I appreciate that this is a very distant theory, I wonder if, in all the years of bewilderment that people didn’t hear it, Charles never raised the possibility that the problem might not be so great with the message. , as with the messenger.

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