December 8, 2021

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Radical scare tactics won’t work with Joe Manchin because of a massive spending law

Are the Progressives Serious to Win Joe Manchin? If so, they have a fun way to show it.

West Virginia Democratic Senator is one of the main obstacles preventing Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Act from going through budget reconciliation.

Manchin has a problem with the $ 3.5 trillion bill price and is pushing for a smaller total, alleging contempt for the government’s unnecessary loss.

Earlier this year, it took a similar approach to Biden’s infrastructure package, negotiating a bipartisan deal with its moderate Republican counterparts. This is Joe Manchin – your archetypal politician who believes legislation is best conveyed.

However, American progressives sing from a completely different sheet of songs. They want Manchin to vote for the BBB Act, which contains a list of the promises in Biden’s manifesto. And they use abuser tactics to try to force him to do so.

An attack announcement published this week by author and activist Don Winslow highlights how Manchin personally benefits from the coal industry because of the board positions of his son, Joe Manchin IV.

It also describes how Manchin’s daughter, Heather, dropped EpiPens during her time as CEO of a Dutch pharmaceutical company.

And Manchin’s Senate colleague Bernie Sanders last week published a post in a West Virginia newspaper in an attempt to sell Biden’s bill to Mountain State voters.

“The political problem we face is that in a 50-50 Senate we need all Democratic senators to vote‘ yes, ’” Sanders wrote in the Charleston Gazette-Mail. “We only have 48 now. Two Democratic senators remain in opposition, including Senator Joe Manchin.”

Think of the incident late last month, when activists from Manchin’s home state, with the subtlety of a fart at a funeral, canoeist to the yacht where the senator resides in Washington and sang it in an attempt to pressure him to support the BBB bill.

Bernie is right: Biden needs all the votes to get Build Back Better through Congress. That’s why Manchin gets weekly hearings with the president.

So, do progressives believe that by distinguishing the senator’s children, pressing him to the newspaper in his hometown, and knocking on his front door, they are likely to win his sympathy and subsequent support?

The senator’s trajectory indicates that the opposite is a more likely outcome. Vice President Harris granted local television interviews in West Virginia in January, in a pressure effort to pressure Manchin to vote on the U.S. rescue plan.

The senator was outraged: “I saw it, I couldn’t believe it. Nobody called me, ”he said. “We will try to find a way to bipartisanship forward, but we must work together. It’s not a way to work together. “

And Manchin was even more brutal about Sanders, repudiating the Vermont senator as an outsider.

“It’s not the first time an alien has tried to tell West Virginians what’s best for them despite having nothing to do with our state,” he said in a statement. “Congress should proceed with caution on any additional spending and I will not vote for a reckless expansion of government programs. No opinion of a self-proclaimed independent socialist will change that. “

It is the armadillo of the Senate: attack it and it will stubbornly rely on its thick shell.

Manchin and Sanders broke bread Monday at a luncheon mediated by Chuck Schumer, who said the meeting involved a “very lively discussion.”

An individual meeting was then held on Tuesday between the senators of West Virginia and Vermont.

A group of House Democrats had just met with President Biden, who floated between $ 1.9 billion and $ 2.2 trillion as the BBB Act number. “I’m at 1.5,” Manchin he called reporters before his tête-à-tête with Sanders.

These discussions are far more likely to get results for Democrats than any pressure campaign by protesters.

Political activists on both sides use tactics designed to disrupt their opponents: gathering away from home, for example, or addressing their families.

The goal is to make things comfortable. But here’s the problem: most Americans feel comfortable and empathize with the comfort of others.

Joe Manchin understands this, being that he represents those people against unforeseen and uncivil agitators. He is also a great believer in bipartisanship, process and precedent.

Following Manchin’s innate sense of caution is more likely to lead to Democrats passing at least some legislation, as demonstrated by the infrastructure negotiations.

His alternative is to go to the polls in 2022 after holding the presidency, the House and the Senate for two years, and nothing to prove.

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