December 8, 2021

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Rolling Stone’s Fiery Rhetoric: “Joe Manchin Just Cooked the Planet”

Having been exposed in September for his false news about alleged patients with an overdose of Ivermectin flooding hospitals, he would assume that Rolling stone you may want to lower your hyperbole profile a bit.

However, there is no luck. On Oct. 1, this cloth released an alarmist hit piece on Jeff Goodell’s climate on Senator Joe Manchin for the high crime of opposing the $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. dollars.

Before you read the article itself, you know it’s a hit piece of the title, “Joe Manchin just cooked the planet.”

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has just cooked up the planet. I don’t mean it in a metaphorical sense. I mean it literally.

Unless Manchin dramatically changes his negotiating position in the near future, he will be remembered as the man who, when the time came for the decision, chose to condemn virtually all living creatures on Earth to a hellish future of suffering. , hardships and death.

Like death from overdose of Ivermectin?

Last night, during the crazy and sometimes comical negotiations over President Biden’s infrastructure bill and his $ 3.5 trillion Build Back Better agenda (also known as the reconciliation bill), Manchin announced that would not vote on any measure in excess of $ 1.5 trillion.

And because Democrats cannot afford to lose a single vote in the Senate, if Manchin does not vote for him, the reconciliation bill will not be passed.

He seems to forget a certain Senator Sinema.

For anyone who cares about the future of life on this planet, Manchin’s movements are intentionally destructive for several reasons.

Goodell then lists the reasons for the Climate Apocalypse, because Manchin refused to support a massive spending bill.

Of course, it does not address the fact that Senator Kyrsten Sinema also opposes the reconciliation bill. So if Joe Manchin is cooking the planet, is Sinema frying or boiling the planet?

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