October 26, 2021

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September 2021 Bulletin: A First Place for Humanity

Knowing the actual timing of the global warming emergency is essential to your permanent peace of mind. It is also vital to plan the right timed responses for your family and business.

Unfortunately, there are several “popular people on the Internet” who erroneously promote that the consequences of global warming will end the world in the next decade or so. Humorously, one of these individuals has made the same failure at the end of the world in a prediction from a decade earlier.

Deadlines and actual deadlines come so quickly that there is no need to advertise beyond what they are already painfully.

We believe that understanding global warming terms is more critical than ever. To do this, we provide the following articles, which cover longer and more precise time periods for global warming preparation, adaptation, and possible relocation.

From simple to more complex:

1. Click here for crucial periods related to wise emergency preparedness, adaptation, or possible relocation.

2. Click here for a list of more than 40 primary and secondary warning signs to look at the news to see if preparations, adaptations, or possible relocation need to be accelerated or slowed down.

From the above, and depending on your current location, most of us still have significant time left to prepare for what is to come. For example, knowing that it will take 2-3 years to complete all preparations and adaptations in a new location (build an organic garden, install water and solar capture, fire protection, etc.), me and my family we will not be relocating to begin this intense process of preparation and adaptation for another 3-5 years.

Having the most accurate and realistic emergency deadlines, I can

Yes, we face extreme and accelerated difficulties over the next 3-5 decades. But we don’t worry excessively believing the many inertias (resistance to change) within our climate and human the systems will be completely outdated in just a decade.

While it is true that climate change is moving faster than ever in human history, it is still moving within parent geological periods in which the 3-5 decades are not even a flicker in geological time. So unless you see the grocery bill suddenly rising by 50 to 100% due to crop failures related to global warming or if you feel Thwaites ’“ doomsday glacier ”in Antarctica has completely broken and slipped completely towards the ocean, no need to panic. There is still adequate time to prepare, adapt, and even move methodically if it is right for your circumstances.

What’s in the September newsletter?

a. Four new blog posts. (Learn about how our top corporations are making false climate commitments. Also, we answer this critical question. Can we still solve global warming? in time save humanity from mass extinction?)

b. Updates on Job One for Humanity successful actions of volunteers.

c. Where to find eighty shares you can choose from your resources and areas of influence. These actions will help slow down and slow down our global warming and environmental emergency.

d. Useful new materials on our website.

Let’s get started.

1. Here are our 4 new global warming block items

Microsoft, Uber, Procter & Gamble, Visa, Heineken, Verizon, PepsiCo, Unilever, Twitter, Salesforce and others join Amazon in false climate promises that will support the extinction of much of humanity by the middle of the century

Unfortunately, many other companies are joining Amazon by pledging to be zero carbon net in their businesses by 2040. This is why it is so deadly, dangerous and disastrous. twisted joke!

Read more


The honors go to Patagonia, a good example of corporate responsibility

We have been looking for companies that are bad examples of corporate environmental responsibility; it’s time to recognize a good corporate example as well.

Read more


Can we solve global warming in time to save humanity from mass extinction?

For 40 years, scientists have been telling us how to solve global warming. We haven’t heard them. Our governments wasted 40 valuable years during which we could have gradually made the required global reductions in fossil fuels.

Read more


2. The success in action of our volunteers

Our many evolve volunteers helped promote our new blog posts to their friends and networks. As a result, our articles appear now and are being actively discussed in dozens of Internet newsgroups.

If you want to help and become an Evolutioneer volunteer, click here.

3. What You It can be done to slow down and lessen global warming and environmental emergency.

Click on the image below to start exploring more than eighty shares choose to help curb and lessen our current global warming emergency.

4. We have added important new content to our website

Click here to see the many updates to our eco-community building materials.

The goals of our organization once again it has had a major update that deserves your review.

We’ve also been making pages and update pages on our sister website, Spirit Universe.

We’ve updated our relocation and migration assessment pages in the Members section. If you are a member, you will need to log in to view them.

And finally

It is our critical impetus for fall donation. Please join many others, become an annual donor or member, i help us to continue our necessary mission.

Until the next newsletter,

Yours faithfully,

Lawrence Wollersheim
Executive Director
A work for humanity and the spirit of the universe

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