January 24, 2022

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Saving The Planet

Start another rainy day before the drying trend before the heat wave …

Although MSY lost its current floodplains, we are now among the ten wettest Julys in history. the 10.40 “puts us at number 10 with 11 days to add up to that total. We could easily make the top 5 again. Many points on the north coast were 5-8” this morning causing flooding on the street that entered several houses.

If you can believe the models, a real change will come by the end of this week.

These graphs are airflow in excess of 500 mb (18,000 ‘) over the next few days. The top is from this morning showing the landfill over the SE that will run slowly west on Thursday (center chart). The bottom view is valid for Friday morning with a top view building above us. this should not cause rain or warmer temperatures, as the extension shows.

The graohic bottom has this afternoon’s position of the Atlantic Ridge well below the southern gulf, with long unstable weather over the northern gulf. Everything will change when we enter this Tarpon Rodeo weekend.

You still have a chance to sign up to win a chance on a fully equipped trailer and trailer, even if you can’t fish this weekend. Just Google Tarponrodeo.org or go to Chag’s or Puglia’s in Metairie or the many Grand Isle outlets and sign up.

The tropics remain silent and models say it will remain that way until August. We just need to remove that front limit to be able to dry ourselves. This will come at the end of this week until next week.

This has not been a very hot summer in the east, as the rains and clouds maintain temperatures below normal / average. The West continues to burn, although there have been some storms causing welcome rains in Arizona, Utah and Colorado.

Finally, we took my grandson (Ethan) to Morning Call on Canal Blvd to sample some donuts and then to the new City Park Children’s Museum. What an explosion! So proud, so exciting to be a grandfather (Pops). Tomorrow it will arrive at the new water park of the Audubon zoo. Stay tuned !.

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