October 26, 2021

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Saving The Planet

The dilemma of climate scientists

by Andrew Glikson

“In private conversations, many climate scientists express much more concern about progression
of global warming and its consequences rather than in public ”- Andrew Glikson (2016)

Many climate change models, including the IPCC, appear to neglect or minimize amplifying feedback from global warming, pushing temperatures upward in a process similar to a chain reaction, as projected by Wally Broecker and others.

It is believed that a climate chain reaction occurred about 55 million years ago (maximum Paleocene-Eocene thermal) [PETM]).

During the Anthropocene (post-1750 and particularly post-1900) levels of temperature growth and greenhouse gases exceeded those of PETM and the end of the last glacial termination (LGT). During 2010-2020, the acceleration of global warming is reflected in an abnormal increase in the levels and temperatures of greenhouse gases (Figure 1).

According to Peter Ward and other early examples of mass extinctions triggered by biological processes were related to ocean anoxia and acidification that led to the release of CH4 and H2S by algae and bacteria suffering “purple” and green ”. Similarly, anthropogenic global warming is a geological / biological process by which original (human) organisms have so far not been able to discover an effective method of control.

The definitive critical criterion for global warming is the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases, which rises from 280 to 419 ppm, ie approximately 49% since pre-industrial times, which are rarely mentioned by the media. communication and politicians. Other parameters of climate change, such as the level of methane and nitrous oxide, have tripled. Although the opinions of journalists, politicians, economists and social scientists are proliferating, less attention is being paid to what climate science indicates, making the global response to the impending calamity increasingly irrelevant.

Thus, while most models show a linear increase in temperature, evidence of the circumarctic reaction beam approach, which allows cold, warm fronts to cross the boundary, would result in high storms at high latitudes.

“Most scientists agree that climate change is happening faster than expected. Currently, more than a third of the world’s soil, which produces 95% of the world’s food supply, is degraded. By 2035, pollution is projected. of the open air is the leading cause of environmental-related deaths worldwide and half of the world’s population will face water scarcity. ” However, many scientists are reluctant to warn the public about the full consequences of accelerating global warming. That is, as Joachim Schellnhuber, Germany’s leading climate scientist, stated, the existential risk to life support systems on the planet.

There is a high price to pay for communicating distressing evidence, similar to Cassandra, which includes psychological factors and / or social and professional isolation. Personal optimism can outweigh realism. Some scientists are self-censored or suppressed or rejected their work in institutions or the media, including governments and academia. Some scientists have lost their position.

As quoted in the article entitled “When the work of the end of human civilization is your day” … “Among many climate scientists, the gloom has set in. Things are worse than we think , but you really can’t talk about it, “and elsewhere” In private conversations, many climate scientists express a much greater concern than the progression of global warming and its consequences than in public. ” It’s not uncommon to hear people criticize climate scientists for not telling them more about the future climate, although when they are told, many back off. Then there are the plentiful number of false promises from politicians.

As the world continues to spend billions of dollars each year in military readiness for war or nuclear war, the resources needed if serious attempts are made to protect life on Earth, despair sinks.

But now the world is waking up to the climate calamity.

There must be hope.

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