January 24, 2022

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We don’t have to rebuild in the same way …

There was a sad picture in today’s Advocate showing a restaurant in Lafitte that tore off the base and was broken by the winds. You’ve seen video after video of all the destroyed houses that were on Ida’s direct path. However, not all houses were broken into, not all houses lost their roofs and not all houses are uninhabitable for months.

The houses / structures of Grand Isle / Fourchon to the north through Laplace suffered significant damage from both water and wind. Ida will be updated to Cat. 5 after there are all the reports of winds, but look at those winds.

On Grand Isle, the western 2/3 of the island was crushed with much less damage at the eastern end. Because? Money. Closed communities at the eastern end were built stronger. We know hurricane shutters work to prevent glass from entering, but they cost money. We know hurricane clips and straps work to keep the roof on, but they cost money. We must learn from these storms and not rebuild in the same way. A wide single / double trailer raised on balls will not survive the future Ida. We follow Florida building codes and rebuild ourselves stronger and more resilient. Whether on the coast or inland from the Bayou, we need to rebuild harder. Otherwise, we will learn nothing from history and will be doomed to repeat it.

Fortunately, all tropical activity remains far away. The newly formed TD # 20 will soon become Victor, while Hurricane Sam is still a large hurricane turning northward.

With the tranquility of the Gulf and the Caribbean, we are once again focusing on when our next cold front can arrive. Unfortunately, the upper dump is to the west over the Rocky Mountains, which gives them a quiet cold. We could see a weak front here early next week, but it will only dry us out.

With dew points in the 70s, it still feels like summer. All the clouds and showers have kept us going in the 70s, but it feels soft.

With the current rainfall, we could jump to the wetter first five years. I’ll check it out tomorrow. It should get drier for this weekend, which will be fantastic for Sunday’s final of the first game at the Sant’s home. With October just around the corner, a drier weather is coming! Stay tuned!

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