December 7, 2021

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What are the 7 most dangerous things people don’t understand about global warming?

Most people don't really realize the following about global warming: The emergency for global warming is far away worse than what the government or the media tell We have spent a lot of time only individual actions…

Unfortunately, the more dangerous the facts of global warming are the least understood by most of humanity. And what we don’t understand will kill almost everything, but only if we are still lagging behind in the critical Global reductions in fossil fuels in 2025.

Most people don’t really realize the following about global warming:

1. The emergency for global warming is far away worse than what the government or the media tell us.

2. We have spent a lot of time only individual actions save us. Only global government action and a mass mobilization towards to enforce immediate, radical and painful cuts to fossil fuels it can save us from extinction.

3. Due to the internal climate system impulse factors, human inertia factors, i 40 years of failures we have global reductions in fossil fuels just up 2025 (o stay below atmospheric carbon (425-450 parts per million level) to maintain realistic control of our global warming future. Wow, we are currently at 420 parts carbon per million (PPM).

Unfortunately, most people don’t understand this critical term for 2025 life simply because they don’t understand the physics and mechanics behind the principles of impulse i inertia.

This also means that many people do not understand it even if we stopped 100% of all global burning and use of fossil fuels today, global temperatures will continue to rise for the next 2-3 or more decades, once again, due to the climate system impulse factors.

The graph above illustrates one very well exponential increase in the three critical atmospheric greenhouse gases expressed in parts per billion. Since the mid-1700s, when the Industrial Revolution began, these gases have been made primarily by humans from the burning of fossil fuels.

4. The consequences of global warming will soon begin to increase exponentially and not linearly! It is essential to know that we will traverse many more climatic inflection points as global warming continues. As we cross more climatic inflection points, the consequences of global warming it will not only increase in frequency, gravity, and scale. They will too no grow gradually and linearly. Many of these consequences soon (in the next 10-30 years) will begin growing up exponentially!

In the following graphic, the file red the line is an example of linear, somewhat constant and predictable gradual growth of the consequences of global warming trajectory. (Linear progression is equal to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc.) green the following line is a sudden example, exponential, and a growth trajectory of the consequences of highly unpredictable global warming. (The exponential progression is equal to 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 264, etc.)

The sudden exponential growth of the severity, frequency and scale of the consequences caused or caused by global warming will eventually produce a sudden and abrupt massive global collapse this will be virtually impossible to recover for most nations. (When we use the terms sudden and abrupt, we are talking about geological periods where 3-5 decades is hardly a blink).

This exponential growth factor of the consequences of global warming at some point in the near future (in the next 10-30 years) means that few (if any) NGOs, corporations or governments May be able to manage or compensate for these increasing consequences for a long time. It also means that unless you have made your personal or business emergency preparations long before these consequences of global warming begin to grow exponentially, you probably won’t have enough time to do so once they start to grow exponentially.

This growing danger of getting caught not prepared it also exists because our social, economic, and political systems will also convert exponentially more unpredictable, unstable and chaotic once the next consequences of global warming enter their exponential curves (the green line above.) If you have not done so prepared for an exponential growth of the consequences of long global warming before it is necessary, you will find yourself in a living hell! (See our document Emergency plan B for climate change to get ideas on how to prepare for what is to come.)

5. Once the additional critical global warming points have been exceeded, many climate-related systems (such as Arctic sea ice, melting glaciers, oxygen-producing plankton, etc.) will also collapse rapidly (usually completely or almost completely!) (Click here to see the 11 of the major climatic turning points).

6. If we do not do the required Global reductions in fossil fuels in 2025 in time to solve the extinction emergency due to global warming, without fail, Mother Nature will do it painfully do it for us!

Right now, no matter what we do, much of humanity (51% or more) will die in the middle of the century, because we cannot find ourselves today. the critical global goals of 2025. (This has been explained in this page i this page.) Worse, if we don’t get closer to the 2025 goals, Mother Nature will take over and continue to raise the global temperature until most or all of humanity (75% or more) becomes extinct and the Earth returns. to its human optimum load capacity.

Keep in mind that if we miss the last opportunity to reduce fossil fuels in 2025, Mother Nature will use her unchanging laws of physics and math to fully control our future of global warming. Humanity will move into the back seat of a planetary “car,” accelerating rapidly toward climageddon cliff.

If we fail to approach the 2025 global reduction targets and Mother Nature is forced to create a long-term global warming solution for us; hopefully, Mother Nature will leave a few of us alive so that we can learn the hard lessons needed to rebuild a more balanced world with nature.

7. We they are just like experimental frogs boiling to the point of death floating in a heating pot from which they could easily escape. Our ape ancestors have left us with mental and emotional wiring that does not recognize or respond well to distant, complex, or slow-moving threats. Enough of us will understand the heating pot have we put ourselves and the planet in time to do something about it?

Stay tuned. We will know very soon towards 2025 or once we exceed the atmospheric carbon by 425-450 parts per million level.

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